2009 – The Year in Status, Part IX: Accidental Profundity

If nothing else, 2009 was the year of the zinger. A popular place to toss off snappy, witty one-liners is the Facebook Status Update. Over the next few posts, we’ll present to you the very best. Feel free to add your own below …

How far you go is determined by the difference between being interested and being committed.

Rules and barriers are merely stopgaps for solutions we’re too afraid to find.

May the sun shine bright upon your face, may the moon light every path you trace, and may hope and luck walk in tandem with hard work and character.

You can either lower your expectations to match your capabilities, or you can raise your capabilities to match your expectations.

Grow wise, but never grow up.

A rock is never found unless it’s lost.

This could be great, this could be bad. Whatever, at least it will BE.

The people who crave attention the most are the people who need it the least.

The human mind is attracted to challenging people. People who shape the way one thinks, feels or acts. People who act as architects to the environment around them. If you don’t first challenge yourself – how do you expect to challenge others?

There is no charm or virtue in suffering without the subsequent phoenix. To recall and record past indignities with no rectification upon the mileposts ahead will not earn you sympathy or support. Rise above with grace and class; find virtue in a vice.

I’d rather do it right than do it first.

Every moment you waste today is a moment you steal from tomorrow.

I find it fascinating that a novel is often lengthy and complex, whereas a novelty implies something short-lived and obvious.

You never get ahead of anyone as long as you try to get even with him. If you burn your neighbor’s house down, it doesn’t make your place look better.

The most crucial balancing act in life is to always be happy without ever being satisfied.

To act boldly and believe you will succeed is a testament to your confidence. To act boldly and actually make it work is a testament to your acumen.

Whoever said “live every day like it was your last” clearly didn’t understand our legal system or physical limits. However, to live every day like it’s your first – experiencing everything with wonder and awe while still being cognizant of consequence – seems to be an appropriate plan of action.

Of all the flaws that make us human, the most categorically tragic is the unwillingness to accept the flaws in others.

Everything’s good in moderation … including moderation.

Dance with the horse that brought ya.

Let’s find danger in the mundane, carry too much weight on our shoulders, blow past speed limit signs and punch outside our weight class. Because limitations are social constructs built as an admission of fallability.


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