A Love Letter to Greg Robinson

I love you, Greg Robinson.

I love you for consistently having the Orange in “rebuilding” mode for the past four years. Clearly, you are building Noah’s Ark – or something similar that will save humanity from itself.

I love you for implementing the West Coast offense at a program that sorely needed it. As Marvin Graves, Donovan McNabb and R.J. Anderson seemed to have all sorts of problems with running the option.

I love you for having a record-shattering career. Yes, it’s true. No Syracuse football program has ever lost more games than yours in any four-year stretch. Records were made to be broken, and you’ve succeeded wildly.

I love you for being incredibly resilient and impossible to kill. Yes, just like cockroaches and Keith Richards, nuclear winter could wipe out the human race – and you’d still be there on the sidelines at the Carrier Dome calling a slant pattern to be picked off for a touchdown.

I love you for really getting your boys to go out and sock it to Northeastern, and really fighting the good fight against Akron, and keeping it so close for a half with South Florida and for making Washington look like a Rose Bowl team.

I love you for your oratory skills. Spinning a .220 winning percentage into gold using nothing more than a thesaurus is a feat of strength and wisdom that can be neither comprehended nor appreciated fully, until one has heard you boom the words, “These kids are working hard, we just gotta put something together and do some things a little better.”

I love you for remaining positive. In the face of insurmountable evidence that must be weighing you down like a boulder on a dinghy, you still “fight the fight”, and flash special intensity by osmosis. Those kids are your world and you cherish them like an AYSO coach at halftime. Have a sunkist, Joey. Nice slide tackle!

I love you for gaining the Syracuse job after being the defensive coordinator for the Dick Vermeil’s Kansas City Chiefs; a team clearly known for its … offense, and that before you were the head coach, you were co-defensive coordinator for the University of Texas. Hey, it’s OK to ask for help.

I love you for your 8-35 record. You’ve won eight of 43 games. You know what else goes eight for 43? A severely slumping hitter, a weatherman who’s never looked outside and tactical bombing done with nerf balls. It ain’t easy.

I love you for finally getting your first head coaching gig at any level at the tender age of 53. Better late than never, I suppose.

I love you for your clock management during games. Clearly, you believe that unused minutes by the offense will simply roll over into the next game. They are not like cell phone minutes.

I love you for taking the Syracuse Orange, the 12th most winningest college football program of all time, and dropping it behind Auburn, LSU and West Virginia … soon to be passed by Colorado, Georgia Tech and Texas A&M within the next season or so. After over 100 years and three legendary running backs, a mere four years were necessary to drop the school seven slots on the all-time wins list. That takes dedication.

I love you for making Paul Pasqualoni look positively like Joe Paterno, and I’ve always wanted to appreciate consistent eight-win seasons with ten-win talent.

I love you, Greg Robinson, most of all – for turning Syracuse into a proud program on par with Duke, right here in the Big East. That’s always been an lofty achievement …

In basketball.

-originally posted on 10.24.2009 at The Love of Sports


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