Dave Matthews Band returns from three-month hiatus for rare summer reunion tour

There were rumors swirling on the festival circuit this year, and the whispers grew into a roar.

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Dave Matthews Band tour. Have we seen the last of them live?”

Fear not, lovers of 27-minute psuedo-jazz and opaque lyrics about getting it on while writing lyrics. The Dave Matthews Band have finally returned to the summer touring landscape for the first time since … last summer.

Fans are already lining up along the sidewalk pressing enter furiously in a blazing attempt to secure as many of the highly-coveted, ultra-scarce golden tickets as possible.

“I’ve been online since 6am,” confesses Connor Preston, 26, a Duke Law Student. “It’s been too long since they’ve taken their act on the road. I need the flamenco version of ‘Dancing Nancies’ to complete my live bootleg archive. And I would love to say I was there.”

Matthews has been contemplating a return to summer touring for the past month or so, but thought the time was right to bring his act back.

“Y’allknow wejust uhhhh tryin’ to make uhhhh the musics, y’a’know – and we reallyhappy to make it all workout for the kids by playing the songs we hope they’llenjoyyy for a bit y’all looking forward to it!” Matthews uttered while sounding like he was biting through an entire Boston Creme Donut.

The tour kicks off May 28 and runs through November of 2024.

Catch them while you can – because it could be a long while before this band of notoriously stage-shy recluses return again.


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