In the spirit of “Once again my cat’s HPV is acting up … on her BIRTHDAY nonetheless”, comes the ultimate extreme of oversharing.

See that picture up there? That’s a dead guy. An actual, real, dead guy. Culled from someone’s “Mobile Uploads” on Facebook. Sweet Rotisserie Jesus-on-a-Cross. WTF people. We have beamed through the nexus of no return.

This is an actual photo, sent from someone’s iPhone, beamed directly from the Calling Hours Ground Zero to you, the adoring Facebook Friend.

Perhaps you’d like to share in his grief. Perhaps you’d like to offer your condolences. Perhaps you would not like to sleep until next month.

Look, this isn’t to make light of death. Lord knows, it is the one inevitable for which no one is ever fully prepared or adequately emotionally equipped to deal with whenever it happens. Saying goodbye sucks, and every time it is someone new, it hurts differently and it is another fragile piece of who we are that’s gone forever.

That said, some of us didn’t know the guy, and it’s hard to say goodbye to someone to whom you’ve never said hello.

I don’t even show pictures of roadkill (and I’ve run over quite a few deer in my day) to friends of mine. Generally speaking, if it used to breathe, and then it stopped, it probably isn’t acceptable viewing for the unsuspecting public.

I guess maybe we should take down Jermaine O’Neal’s Twitter Feed.


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