Doctoberfest: Roy's no-no the crown jewel on a consistent career

Roy’s been waiting for this moment his whole career.

Grounded in a basement in baseball’s inner-ring suburb of Toronto, Halladay toiled away in relative anonymity for 12 glorious seasons. His 2003 AL Cy Young win his only real lasting imprint on the baseball landscape.

But he was always excellent. In fact, boringly so. Watching Halladay pitch over the course of a season is like listening to AC/DC’s entire back catalog in one sitting. You know you’re experiencing an all-time great (I believe we’ve crossed the threshold where we can comfortably toss around that term), and there is the rare jaw-dropping highlight, but the uniform quality and consistency of the overall experience never waivers – becoming monotonous.

There’s no wailing 100mph fastball, no physics-defying curve. He doesn’t blaze through 17K gems, and he’s less than fiery on the mound.

So, for Halladay to become only the second pitcher to toss a playoff no-no, he finally put to wax his “You Shook Me All Night Long,” the legendary Halladay performance people will remember for years to come, despite being not much different from any of his others. We now appreciate the rest of his work more.

I think most players (and bands!) would kill to leave that kind of legacy.


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