Top 10 Most Ridiculous Bowl Game Names

There was once a time when contained in the bowl was either the name of the stadium, or some other reference to where the bowl was played or some other significance.

The bowls now are named after whatever company ponies up enough cash. All references to the wheres and whats have long since passed.This is what happens when you need to fill up 35 Bowl Games that now span over 35 days.

Here, we count down the ten worst:

10. Chick-fil-A

There was a time this was called the Peach Bowl. Made sense. It was the bowl game in Georgia. Now it’s Chick-Fil-A. I realize it’s a tasty restaurant, but it’s a downgrade from a bowl name that was fitting and evocative.

9. Bridgepoint Education Holiday

Bridgepoint Education is … what? Online college? Textbook factory? Diploma mill? Teachers Union? Is this game played in a lecture hall?


At halftime, Danica Patrick will take off her sweater.

7. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s St. Petersburg

An Irish Pub and a Russian City? Do the teams pre-game for pre-game?

6. TicketCity

Nothing says “sports event cash grab” like naming your bowl game after what sounds like a ticket-scalping service.

5. Kraft Fight Hunger

I’ll tell you what … if you want to fight hunger, you’re going to need a bigger bowl.

4. AdvoCare V100 Independence

AdvoCare V100. That’s either the softest-sounding pickup truck ever to roll off the assembly line, or V1-V99 of the name were even worse.

3. uDrove Humanitarian

Being a humanitarian … Soooooooo past tense. Bonus points for reminding me of uPick strawberries.

2. BBVA Compass Bowl

SWF seeking BBVA. Compass Bowl? Really? Played in … heh. Birmingham, Alabama. Gotta do something there, I guess.

1. R+L Carriers New Orleans

I’m sorry, but any bowl game that sounds like a Calculus Proof or a support group for people with dormant STD’s is going to earn the top spot. Hi, my name’s Joe, and I’m an R+L carrier. Please don’t discriminate.


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