Remember kids, a generation ago, homosexuality was in the DSM

… and today, Steve Buckley, a sports columnist for the Boston Herald comes out in a brave, perfectly-timed column (socially-speaking, I’m sure Mr. Buckley planned on doing it much sooner).

I applaud him for the column (it’s tremendously heart-warming) and for the move. Right call.

Just when you think society degrades every day, just take heart that the current generation is more tolerant, accepting and welcoming than any American generation to date.

As for that whole selfish, self-righteous, social imperialism, narcissism thing … well, we have a lot to work on there. Baby steps.


That’ll do it for Thirsty Thursday. Grab yourself a cold one, and always remember: He who yells the loudest loses his voice.

See you right back here tomorrow.


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