The Difference Between Nice and Good


Nice is nice. Good is good.

Nice is cool. Good is warm.

Nice is meek. Good is humble.

Nice is smart. Good is brilliant.

Nice is knowledge. Good is wisdom.

Nice is hope. Good is strategy.

Nice is weakness. Good is strength.

Nice is a hug. Good is an embrace.

Nice is a decision. Good is a habit.

Nice is a win. Good is a championship.

Nice is a reputation. Good is a legacy.

Nice is hearing. Good is listening.

Nice is fashion. Good is style.

Nice is adorable. Good is admirable.

Nice is likable. Good is respectable.

Nice finishes last. Good wins every time.

Nice is a word. Good is staying true to it.

Nice is wanting to be loved. Good is loving.

Nice is an act of kindness. Good is an act of valor.

Nice is something polite. Good is something real.

Nice is kindness by default. Good is kindness by design.

Nice comes from the heart. Good stems from the soul.

Nice is a pat on the back. Good is an outstretched arm.

Nice is a sweet, momentarily glance. Good is a warm, confident gaze.

Nice is when kindness is their only redeeming quality. Good is when kindness is one of many.

Nice is being your best no matter who’s watching. Good is being your best even when no one is.

Nice is holding a door open and hoping for a “Thank you.” Good is holding a door open just because it’s closed.

Nice is knowing how to work a room. Good making whoever you’re talking to feel like they’re the only person in it.

Nice is swooping in at the last minute to save an important client presentation. Good is preparing your team so no one has to.

Nice is a brief Autumn reprieve from the hot Texas sun. Good is whenever you find yourself in San Diego.

Nice is an unexpected surprise. Good is when someone leaves you expecting the unexpected.

Nice is flowers after a broken heart. Good is a heart that remains in tact.

Nice is something asked for. Good is something given.

Nice is the man who says “You look nice.” Good is the man who makes you feel beautiful.

Nice is a heart that goes through the motions. Good is a heart that never rests.

Nice is empty calories. Good is nourishment.

Nice is cooperation. Good is collaboration.

Nice is filling a void. Good is preventing one.

Nice is that extra 10%. Good is when anything less feels incomplete.

Nice is the way a kitten feels. Good is the way caring for a kitten feels.

Nice is the way we look at each other when we don’t know what to say. Good is the way we look at each other when nothing needs to be said.

Nice is a dream that leaves you breathless. Good are breathless moments that feel like a dream.

Nice is who we really are when we think we’re being good. Good is who we’re definitely not if we think we’re being nice.

Nice expects something in return. Good just exists.

Nice can come from anywhere. Good can only come from good.


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