Thousands Gather in Support of Global Warming

MINNEAPOLIS – It’s been widely speculated that this winter, one of the coldest on record, has caused citizens of the Canadian Shield, Northeast and our nation’s heartland to become enraged.

Now, we see visual evidence of the toll this winter’s taken on our nation’s fragile psyche.

Thousands of protesters stormed a residential park just outside the Twin Cities Thursday afternoon to rally in support of global warming and wage war against continued eco-friendly legislation. Continue reading

Daddy, What Should I Drink?

I’m glad you asked, son.

See, as you grow older, there’s going to be kids out there who will pressure you into different things, like stealing candy bars, recreational  cocaine abuse and European electro-pop. You listen to none of that noise; your ol’ man knows what he’s talkin’ about.

One thing the kids will try and make ya do, after you go to college and become old enough, of course – but probably before that – is drinkin’ beers. [*pops a bottle of Magic Hat #9*]

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