In the spirit of “Once again my cat’s HPV is acting up … on her BIRTHDAY nonetheless”, comes the ultimate extreme of oversharing.

See that picture up there? That’s a dead guy. An actual, real, dead guy. Culled from someone’s “Mobile Uploads” on Facebook. Sweet Rotisserie Jesus-on-a-Cross. WTF people. We have beamed through the nexus of no return. Continue reading

Just let the priests have sex already

Seems like every three-to-five years or so, new scandals rock the Vatican with shocking minutia regarding priests exploits, generally with naive pre-pubescent bell-ringers.

Color me unshocked. The delicatessen at the corner also occasionally slaughters veal inhumanely. Fortunately, veal is delicious regardless of how it comes to be. Mass is somewhat (read: entirely) less delectable, by contrast. I have a solution, and it doesn’t involve letting the baby cows getting fucked to grow up to be full adult jerseys. Continue reading