All Eyez on Me: Why Jenn Sterger needs self-created chaos

It had to be Sterger. Had to.

When reports surfaced over the past 24 hours that Brett Favre had been sexting and making poor passes at a Jets PR person, it had to be Sterger, right?

Who else would leak this story first to blogs rather than authorities, or her lawyer, or Favre’s wife?

Favre’s 41 years old and been in the league and the spotlight a long time. There’s no doubt,  ol’ Brett’s probably had some run-ins with the ladies before. He’s a man with status. But this is the first we’re hearing. Why? Sterger.

Sterger knows the power of media exposure. She rode the coattails of Brent Musberger’s school-boy crush all the way to a weekly feature column at SI. She created a stir removing her implants (“they had served their purpose”) that put her back on the blogosphere, leading to gigs hosting segments on ABC, and with the New York Jets – when this all supposedly went down.

She leaked the news to Deadspin in August. She weighed in on Erin Andrews and Ines Sainz. She’s a master promoter of her own brand … which is, if I have this right: “hot chick tangentially related to sports.”

This new bomb will no doubt elevate her to even more stratospheric levels of fame, and will paradoxically boost her career. Male eyes watch sports. But male eyes also watch women. There will be book deals and magazine covers and stints on TV.  She’s a keen puppy … she’s followed Erin Andrews’ career arc, and knows how to exploit the system to her advantage.

Eyes will follow Sterger for as long as she’s beautiful. But by continuously feeding the fame machine with her ‘struggles’ and ‘opinions’, she’s ensuring dollars will follow her around, as well.