March Madness: The Great American Anti-Climax


I saddled up to my magical blinking box at 10am Thursday morning, all wide-eyed and fluttered. The advent of my favorite sports weekend over, the apex of the uphill roller-coaster that is the college basketball regular season finished.

Four days. 48 games. Every one of them broadcasted in their entirety on four channels and the Internet. It’s nirvana. It’s one 84-hour downhill plunge from chaos to order, with the most joyous and raucous of sights and sounds in between. Continue reading


I Know Why You Really Hate Coach K


Coach K ain’t so bad.

Probably picks up litter on the sidewalk; probably delivers Thanksgiving turkeys  to crippled old widows; probably even text-message donates to the Japan Nuclear Tsunamiquake Relief Fund automatically every 15 minutes. Swell guy.

But we hate him. I do. And I know you do, too. Continue reading