Buffalo, New York: America’s Next Great College Town

Perhaps you’ve been told the city of Buffalo, New York is a rust belt hellhole experiencing a massive brain drain, and the only folks left are juggalos, welfare recipients and card-carrying AARP members. Who could blame you for feeling so? The city (and surrounding metro area) has been hemorrhaging residents at a 1% clip per year for the past 50 years.

A recent analysis of the Top 100 metro areas in the United States from the experts at the Brookings Institute, however, would like to share some surprising results with you. Continue reading

Just let the priests have sex already

Seems like every three-to-five years or so, new scandals rock the Vatican with shocking minutia regarding priests exploits, generally with naive pre-pubescent bell-ringers.

Color me unshocked. The delicatessen at the corner also occasionally slaughters veal inhumanely. Fortunately, veal is delicious regardless of how it comes to be. Mass is somewhat (read: entirely) less delectable, by contrast. I have a solution, and it doesn’t involve letting the baby cows getting fucked to grow up to be full adult jerseys. Continue reading