Great Moments in Yahoo! Commenting – Vol. 1

Nothing funny about this headline. After all, tropical storms are deadly beasts with unforgiving elements, ransacking some of the otherwise most pleasant climate regions on Earth. Surely, the American public will stream an outpouring of empathy and compassion for our neighbors to the south. Continue reading


In the spirit of “Once again my cat’s HPV is acting up … on her BIRTHDAY nonetheless”, comes the ultimate extreme of oversharing.

See that picture up there? That’s a dead guy. An actual, real, dead guy. Culled from someone’s “Mobile Uploads” on Facebook. Sweet Rotisserie Jesus-on-a-Cross. WTF people. We have beamed through the nexus of no return. Continue reading


I was just mulling over the possibility that dinosaurs could potentially return from extinction and pluck me from my toilet in the middle of the night.

It’s the type of fear that keeps me awake in cold sweats, because really, who’s really down with being gobbled by a giant lizard for their last waking memory?

No, seriously. WTF IS DIS REAL?

Oh, 21st century. Human beings don’t even medal in common sense anymore. They finish fourth behind Dolphins, Gorillas and, of course, Dinosaurs.