The 12 Steps of Young Adult Development as Presented by Facebook

Look, I’m not ignorant. I know there’s shit I’m spossta be doing after 6pm on weekdays other than writing self-righteous entries for a blog nobody reads, chit-chatting on the phone with a vibrant, beautiful woman I won’t tap till I meet and analyzing poorly-delivered NFL information from ESPN Podcasts like Canadians assess Arctic Sovereignty.

But it ain’t anything I’d rather be doing. I’ll tell ya that much. At least … not yet. Not when I can spit out this sweet-tasting verbiage below. Continue reading


That Last Wholesome American Summer Night

Some people wanted to grow up to become doctors, lawyers or businessmen. Others waxed poetic about teaching, research or accounting.

Me, I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be 17. I still do. Continue reading